Republican Golf Classic

Republican Golf Classic – are held every election year to support Republican Leaders and Candidates.

Our vision is to create a strong and vibrant community, driven by the core values of liberty, equality, and justice, through our unwavering commitment to supporting local Republican leaders and candidates.

Leaders – Republicans that are individuals, trusts, PACs, and business professionals who support fellow Republicans and or proudly hold positions at the local, state, and federal levels of office.

Candidates – Republicans that are running for election and or re-election at any office from local, state and federal level.

The Advantage

Leaders and Candidates, Inc., Non-profit PAC is the host of all Republican Golf Classics and brings this opportunity for Republican Leaders and Candidates to bring in more exposure and much needed fundraising for their goals to stay in office and or enhance their push to become elected for office.

The Sponsorships are locked in place

Leaders and Candidates alike can have their Sponsorship Donated by a supporter(s) and they will gain all of the benefits that come from their sponsorship.

The sponsor may ask for donations at the level their office will allow. (They may raise more funds then needed to cover the sponsorship fee to enhance their political campaign.)

Note: Only one sponsorship per office may be sponsored at one-time. Every Republican Golf Classic ranges from Golf Course to Golf Club and fee are affected as needed. Do review our Calendar for Date and Location(s).